K pour Karité Hair Styling Cream Natural

Hair Styling Cream Natural

Hair Spray Organic

  • Extra-strong hold,
  • Organic Certified,
  • Without aerosol gas,
  • Non-heavy effect,
  • Specially for structured hairstyles.
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The brand was born in 2008 from the meeting between a team passionate about travel and a country, Burkina Faso. It was in Africa, a land of contrasts, that the brand first plunged its roots and drew its creative energy from. The brand made the shea its flagship ingredient with all its secrets and benefits are revealed through our formulas.

Since then, the brand has grown and developed. Now it keeps drawing strength from all over the world, throughout the 4 elements: AIR / WATER / EARTH / FIRE.

While its roots remain in Africa, K pour Karité is now expanding towards new horizons and destinations. The planet becomes its territory, feeding off its riches and integrating ingredients from all continents into our formulas to keep developing products that respect hair, people and their environment. A new look and new references for a new adventure!

With K pour Karité, we told you: the Adventure is in You!

Follow us on our journey around the planet, discovering all the ingredients we have selected to offer you the most effective products, with smooth and delicious textures and fragrances.


Find more in our TRAVEL NOTEBOOK.

The hair spray is designated to fix and style the hair with a long-lasting hold.

This hair spray with clay and shea is formulated from shellac: it is a natural fixing agent. Thanks to its extra-strong hold, the hairstyle lasts all day long. Even thin hair is fixed.

Ideal for fixing structured hairstyles like buns?

The hair spray is formulated without aerosol gas for the respect of your health.

This hair spray can be easily washed out with shampoo.

The citrus scent brings you freshness throughout the day.

More Information
Usage tips

Organic hair spray is used on dry hair for a perfect hold.

Shake before use. It is ideal for finishing short or structured hairstyles

Pro tricks: Spray a small amount of product on the roots to give volume to your hair. Apply on hair styled with styling pommade to strenhthen on the hold.


100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

88% of the ingredients are from Organic Farming.

Shellac - Natural Resin: The Shellac used in the organic fixing hair spayis a resin used in various cosmetic fields for more than 4000 years. The resin is edible. It is a great coating and protective agent, used for icing candies. In cosmetics, Shellac is used in hair spray and hair care. It is perfect to create structured shapes like buns without cardboard hair effect. It is easy to remove by brushing hair or shampoo.

Vegetable Glycerin: The Vegetable Glycerin used in hair spray has been selected for its moiturizing and hydrating properties. This natural ingredient helps fighting dry or damaged fair.

Shea Olein: The Shea Olein used in the organic hair spray is a natural ingredient known to prevent hair dehydration. It revitalizes and restores radiance and vigor to dry and brittle hair. It is a nutritious and protecting ingredient. It regenerates sensitive scalps and soothes itching.


Other ingredients : click here


PAO : 6 months

Use Cautions

For hair only. Close after use. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children.

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